9 Benefits of Installing James Hardie Siding

When siding gets worn out or damaged, your home becomes more susceptible to moisture and can suffer costly problems like insect infestation, wood rot, and mold or mildew.

If you notice signs that your siding needs to be replaced, contact an experienced siding contractor promptly. They’ll discuss your needs and recommend the best material for replacing your siding.

One popular material a contractor may recommend is James Hardie siding. This fiber-cement siding has recently gained popularity as a replacement for traditional vinyl, aluminum, and wood siding.

Why has it gained so much popularity? What are the advantages of using James Hardie siding over other materials? There are many benefits of installing James Hardie siding on your home.

What Is James Hardie Siding?

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James Hardie siding is a siding material created by James Hardie Industries. It is made from sand, cement, and cellulose fibers, which create an incredible material known for its beauty and durability.

Independently operated dealers sell James Hardie siding throughout the world. This material has excellent value, but because every project is unique, it’s best to contact a trained, local contractor for an accurate quote for installation.

Benefits of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie is one of America’s leading siding brands and is installed on millions of homes. This brand’s products replicate the character of wood and combine it with the durability of fiber cement siding. But those aren’t the only benefits.

1. Customization Capabilities

One of the most appealing factors of James Hardie siding is the seemingly endless style options. Your home is a reflection of your personality combined with the architecture. There are over 700 color finishes to choose from, so you can create a look you love with James Hardie siding.

Whether your home is modern, contemporary, or has classic architecture, James Hardie siding helps you create a look your neighbors will envy and homebuyers will flock to!

2. Durability

“Is James Hardie siding waterproof?” is one of the first questions contractors get asked about this product. Yes, it is waterproof and fire-resistant, making it an extremely durable siding choice.

Waterproof and fire-resistant siding is crucial because your home’s exterior is the first layer of protection. Choosing a siding replacement made with waterproof and fire-resistant materials like James Hardie siding is essential to protect your home against heat and water. Because fiber cement isn’t flammable, it won’t contribute to the escalation of the fire.

3. Pest Resistance

The average homeowner spends around $3,000 on repairing damage from insect and rodent infestations. James Hardie siding defends your home against these pests better than wood, especially against woodpeckers, mice, and termites. This factor alone makes it a superior choice for protecting your home.

4. Weather Resistance

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James Hardie siding waterproof materials are made from fiber cement, which stands up to anything Mother Nature can throw at it. It is one of the top products for handling cold, wet, and windy weather. When installed by an experienced professional, James Hardie’s waterproof and weather-resistant siding doesn’t budge in high winds, which can lead to cracking in some other materials.

5. Low Maintenance

James Hardie siding is a low-maintenance material that won’t crack, warp, or fade. Homeowners call for fewer repairs than those who have wood or vinyl siding. Other fiber cement siding brands may require frequent repainting. However, James Hardie siding colors last longer and remain more vibrant than vinyl and wood.

Keeping your siding clean is easy, too, because you just need to spray the exterior of your home with a garden hose a few times a year. Use a medium bristle nylon brush to remove dust and buildup, and that’s it!

6. Eco-Friendly 

Every year the James Hardie brand takes steps to help keep the planet clean by providing durable, long-lasting materials that require fewer replacements. That means there is less material sitting in a landfill.

James Hardie creates its products using sustainable practices and natural materials, contributing to overall eco-friendliness.

7. Unrivaled Curb Appeal

Many people purchase James Hardie siding as their replacement because it creates an attractive home that stands apart from the neighbors. Unlike wood siding, James Hardie siding doesn’t require routine repainting to remain beautiful. It contains unique grooves and grains that contribute to its stunning real-wood look.

8. Unbeatable Warranty

Because of its durability, James Hardie siding lasts for many years. Long-lasting materials require lengthy warranties, and James Hardie siding offers just that. Most homeowners have a 30-year, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

Your warranty is protected if your siding is installed by a professional contractor. Give yourself peace of mind that your siding is covered by a respected company that will be there if you ever need anything.

9. Expert Installation

James Hardie believes in its product and trains contractors so its siding is installed correctly every time. Every installer understands that this material must be installed within specific parameters to guarantee that the warranty remains in effect.

Expertly trained installers will not take any shortcuts and will understand how to safely handle the heavy product. They wear appropriate safety gear while cutting to ensure they do not inhale particles.

Drawbacks of James Hardie Siding

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Although it’s a durable, high-quality material, it would be impractical to think there were no drawbacks to James Hardie siding.

More Expensive Than Other Siding  

The initial cost of James Hardie siding is significantly higher than vinyl siding. However, it does last longer, saving you money down the road.

More Involved Installation Process

Because James Hardie siding is heavy, it becomes more challenging to handle than vinyl or wood. This weight makes it harder to install. This is one reason the installation should be left to a trained James Hardie professional installer.

Eventually Requires Repainting 

James Hardie siding does require some maintenance after about 15 years. A ColorPlus Technology warranty protects the color for 15 years, but you may want to repaint it after this warranty expires.

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