Furlong, PA Stucco Remediation for Water Damage – Testimonial

Furlong, PA Stucco Customer Testimonial

My name is Jim Kmetzo, from Furlong, Pennsylvania. We’ve been in our current house for the past twelve years, and my wife and I decided to downsize. Before we listed the house, we thought we would preemptively have the stucco checked, as many homeowners have felt the same chills down their spine. Stucco kind of gives you that vibe of concern.

So we ended up before we listed the house having the stucco checked by an inspector, and there were some minor concerns. So we started our journey along the stucco remediation path. What we had done was get several bids from various contractors, some that were difficult communicating with, some who never called back. But I felt very comfortable with Chris McNamara from Stucco Today.

Chris walked us through the entire journey, and told us what we would need to do based on the inspection report. And also what we didn’t need to do. This is all a very scary thing for most homeowners, but he was able to walk us through. His overall proposal made sense, and his bid was quite competitive. It wasn’t the highest, it wasn’t the lowest, but it seemed to fit what we wanted to do for our house.

Our real estate agent told us that there are many potential buyers who will not even consider a house that has stucco. In this case, we knew we have a beautiful product, a beautiful lot, and a beautiful home, but we wanted to allay any fears that prospective buyers might have. So we preemptively did a stucco inspection, and then took care of the damage with Stucco Today.

Our eventual buyers were satisfied by a detailed report of what was done, also with Stucco Today’s 5 year guarantee, and there were no issues when their own inspector came by. He was able to sign off on what we had done already.

We were able to speak with Chris every afternoon about the progress of the day, and what was on tap for the next day. He would also always text me first thing in the morning to tell me when the crew would arrive, and what the plan was for the day.

Chris is a great communicator, it seems both with his crew, but also with my wife and I as homeowners. So each and every day we were being reassured what was being done, and we were able to have our questions answered.

The crew were a great group of guys. We got to know them over the course of several weeks, and we were able to speak easily with the foreman on a regular basis about the details of what was going on. When the crew came into the house to replace the windows and rewrap the windows, they were very clean.

There were no significant inconveniences with the whole process, although the day that the windows were removed and rewrapped and put back into the house was one of the coldest days of 2018. But the crew worked very promptly, and we were able to work around them through the various rooms in our house at that time.

As it turned out, the inspection report by an outside agency was right on as far as the particular areas of concern. Those were the areas we focused in on, and when we did remove the stucco, we found that there were no new areas of damage or concern that wasn’t already outlined. But Chris and his team went above and beyond in those remediation areas, and did some extra work on the chimney in particular, with a lot of the diverters, and many other areas around the house, including the French Door at the back of the house.