James Hardie Colors and Styles

When it comes to James Hardie product colors and styles, there are literally thousands of combinations – over 3,500 without taking subsets of board styles into consideration. With that many options to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be a combination that you’ll love.

There are hundreds of colors, 5 primary siding styles, and 2 additional treatment options. This customizability is just part of why James Hardie is the most popular home siding brand in the country.

In this article, we’ll scratch the surface of what’s possible with James Hardie products by taking a look at the most popular colors, the differences between the five main styles, and the additional treatments that can turn your home into the home of your dreams.

ColorPlus Technology

James Hardie Siding House

James Hardie’s ColorPlus technology is how their proprietary colors are baked onto their fiber cement siding panels. With ColorPlus technology, the color isn’t simply on the surface of the boards but is absorbed into the boards themselves.

By having the color baked onto the boards, it fades less when exposed to sunlight. This means the colors you select for your home stay vibrant for longer, prolonging the lifespan of the paint job.

Statement Collection Colors

The Statement Collection of colors features 15 colors hand-selected by James Hardie’s color specialists. It’s made up of the most popular colors the brand offers, as well as those that can work in almost any situation.

Colors within this collection are available on most James Hardie products.

  • Arctic White
  • Cobble Stone
  • Navajo Beige
  • Monterey Taupe
  • Khaki Brown
  • Timber Bark
  • Pearl Gray
  • Light Mist
  • Gray Slate
  • Night Gray
  • Boothbay Blue
  • Evening Blue
  • Aged Pewter
  • Iron Gray
  • Mountain Sage

Dream Collection Colors

The Dream Collection includes the rest of the color options available from James Hardie. That’s over 700 additional colors beyond what’s included within the Statement Collection.

Siding colors within the Dream Collection are separated into five categories. These are Classic Lights & Darks, Grays & Neutrals, Blues & Greens, Earth Tones, and Peaceful Pastels.

Fiber Cement Siding Styles

James Hardie Siding Close Up

James Hardie offers 5 distinct styles of fiber cement siding. The available styles are Plank Lap, Architectural, Shingle, Vertical, and the Artisan Collection.

Plank Lap Siding

Plank Lap siding is the best-selling product produced by James Hardie. It’s also the single most popular siding product in the US. That’s most likely thanks to Plank Lap siding’s classic appearance homeowners love.

This siding style features horizontal panels that come in two finishes: Smooth and Select Cedarmill. The Smooth finish is just as it sounds, smooth. Select Cedarmill mimics the appearance of natural wood with a grain pattern carved into the surface.

Architectural Panel

Architectural Panel siding features large panels of various dimensions. Panels may be square, positioned horizontally, or positioned vertically. The larger size of the panels provides a more modern appearance than other James Hardie offerings.

3 finishes are available for Architectural Panels: Fine Sand, Fine Sand-Grooved, and Mounded Sand. Fine Sand has a stucco-like finish and comes with shiplap joints. Fine Sand-Grooved is the same but has grooves every 16 inches to create additional architectural lines. And Mounded Sand features larger “patches” than the Fine Sand finish.

Shingle Siding

Shingle Siding mimics the appearance of wooden shingles. The shingles come in varying widths to more accurately resemble the slight inconsistencies of natural wood.

This siding style comes in two versions: Straight Edge Panels and Staggered Edge Panels. Straight Edge Panels feature shingles that have lower edges that line up with each other, providing a more uniform appearance.

Staggered Edge Panels come in varying lengths so that the shingles do not terminate in a straight line. This creates a more natural and rustic appearance when compared to the Straight Edge Panels option. Staggered Edge Panels also only come in Dream Collection colors.

Panel Vertical Siding

Panel Vertical Siding is just what it sounds like. It’s a vertical version of the traditional Plank Lap Siding and comes in the same two finishes: Smooth and Select Cedarmill.

Artisan Collection

The Artisan Collection is the fifth and final style of James Hardie fiber cement siding. It features thicker panels with more pronounced grooves, giving your home a striking appearance.

There are four sub-styles that fall within the Artisan Collection: V-Groove Siding, Shiplap Siding, Square Siding, and Reveal Panels. Reveal Panels come with either Recess Trim or Surround Trim and Countersunk Fasteners or Exposed Fasteners.

Additional Treatment Options

James Hardie Home

Two additional treatment options are available to be added to your home. These are Trim Boards and Soffit Panels. Both enhance the style of your home when added.

Trim Boards

Trim Boards come in two finish options: Smooth and Rustic. While the Cedarmill finish on Plank Lap and Vertical Panel Siding is a carved wood grain texture, the Rustic finish on trim boards is a raised wood grain texture.

The boards also come in a few dimensions: 4/4, 5/4, and Batten Boards.

Soffit Panels

Soffit Panels come in three finish options: Non-Vented Cedarmill, Beaded Porch Panel, and Non-Vented Smooth. Non-Vented Cedarmill mimics wood texture just as the Cedarmill finish on other James Hardie products does.

Beaded Porch panels are smooth panels with a small trim layer between them. Non-Vented Smooth panels are the same, just without the small trim layers between the panels. Both Beaded Porch and Non-Vented Smooth panels are only available in Dream Collection colors.

The Home of Your Dreams

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of home siding products for multiple reasons. But the most visual of these reasons is the wide variety of aesthetic options for homeowners to choose from.

With over 700 colors that are baked onto the fiber cement panels, 5 main siding styles each with sub-styles, and additional treatment options, there’s a James Hardie look for everyone.

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