Limited Stucco Remediation in Ambler, PA

This Ambler, PA client came to us after searching for some time for a contractor willing to remediate only the handful of damaged areas on her home’s stucco siding, and blend the repaired stucco with the old siding that does not have issues. This we did for her, and capped off the project with a new coating on the entire house. The result was the complete elimination of the growing wall rot issues, and her entire house looking as if it just received a new coat of stucco.

Take a look at the video above to see what the house looked like before our work and after it. Not only is the new stucco indistinguishable from the old, but the entire home looks far better with a new waterproof coating.

Also check out the time-lapse video, taken by one of Stucco Today’s staff featured in the video applying the stucco.

Stucco Remediation Testimonial from the Homeowner

After the conclusion of the project, we asked the homeowner what she thought of the whole thing. This is what she had to say:

“First of all, to find people anymore, that’s why Stucco Today is so great. Chris was probably the eighth person I went through. First of all, contractors would say ok, come out, and then I’d never hear from them again. You also had massive ranges of prices that people would give you. And a lot of people would say ‘we’re not even coming out if its not your entire house.’ They want to rip the siding around the entire house off. And two complete sides have no issue at all.

“We have had work done for many different things in the house, with different contractors. You meet a lot of people and think ‘no, not going to trust them with my house, don’t want them to come in.’ But with Chris, it was different. I think just his personality didn’t make you feel rushed when he came in, he went over stuff with you. He didn’t make you feel like you were bothering him when you had tons of questions. And, just real personable, easy to work with. And his workers also, everyone is kind and nice, no issues.

“Communication was excellent, because, let me tell you, I asked a lot of questions online. Because he was the eighth person, I knew what I was looking for and, I love him, the one day he said ‘ok’ and he answered it all back through email and verbally.

“His crew was nice, everyone was very respectful. Clean, works hard, I had to nag them because they never knocked on the door, they just came and got their work done. Very nice and efficient.

I couldn’t believe it when they were done. I had taken pictures, and I couldn’t believe that you couldn’t see the difference between the old and new stucco. It was perfect, it was really good.” – Sharleen DeAngelis, Homeowner

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