What Does Moisture Damage Beneath Stucco Look Like?

If you suspect that you have moisture damage underneath your stucco and are wondering exactly what it looks like, this video provides a typical example of one of our stucco remediation projects. The unlucky owners of this home discovered extensive damage to their OSB board as part of their inspection prior to putting their home on the market. Although less than 20 years old, substandard flashing installation around windows and faulty gutter work allowed moisture to filter in behind the siding and cause wall rot.

You can clearly see many areas where the OSB board is severely molded and is rotting away. In parts, the insulation is now visible and has in turn started to break down. To repair the damage and prevent moisture intrusion thereafter, we removed the affected insulation and installed new OSB board. The windows were extracted and then replaced with the flashing done correctly. Finally, the new layers of stucco were laid using our proprietary, six-step process. This process includes installation of an air gap, which allows any moisture that does manage to get behind the stucco to escape without causing harm to the structure.

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